Hey guys it’s Shawn here. Bruce and I are here to help save you money the best way possible. You ever not look forward to clothes shopping even though you need new clothes? Is it time to buy new clothes and the thing you hate most is having to spend money on expensive unnecessary clothes? Well no worries I’m here to help you save and buy cute clothes for yourself.

First of all don’t feel ashamed having to buy clothes for yourself. It’s not selfish and it doesn’t have to be a drag. A lot of women, especially mothers, feel this way. However there are places to shop in every size and can help save you money.

You see a cute clothing shop in the mall and think they have cute clothes but are way too expensive. However do not worry. It’s okay to go in. Every cute clothing store that you see has a clearance section. They always mark down cute clothes that seem to never sell but are cute anyways. This is what I would do when I would take my daughter clothes shopping. We would always go to the clearance section. We were always able to find here nice school clothes and save big in the clearance section.

Another way to save on clothes is looking up African American Hairstyles (Curly Pearl is a great resource for this) and going to a thrift shop. Thrift Shops always have all kinds of clothes that you can style with and save big. When it comes to jeans this is the place to save big. There are all kinds of thrift shops around everywhere. Bruce and I always take our families here if they need new clothes. They also carry other items as well if you need to save, which who doesn’t need to save?

Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop for new clothes. They have clothes for everybody and their clothes are really cheap. If my daughter looks hard enough she can find all the cutest clothes that every one of her peers seems to be wearing and I can save a whole lot in my wallet pocket book. With these three suggestions there is simply no excuse not to save when buying clothes.

Sometimes clothes stores will have coupons so make sure to use them wisely. My wife always gets Khols Coupons and we take our kids there or ourselves there if we need new clothes. They will happily take off clearance prices with coupons and save you loads. Not every clothing store is like this. Make sure to read the final print in small words on the coupons. A lot of people don’t seem to read the fine print.

And finally if you’re one of the trendy people and like to keep up with the latest fashion but don’t want to spend that much money. Have no fear that is where Plato’s Closet comes in. You can save loads with the recent fashion and then when you want a new trend you can sell your clothes and save loads with new clothes. This was something my wife and daughter discovered and told me about.

So there you have it. Hopefully Bruce and I helped in you save big in the clothes department. Saving money on clothes is the best feeling in the world and hopefully you can save big with these tips next time you shop for clothes.