If you are anything like me, you have to abide by a strict budget in order to see all of your bills taken care of each month. Most months there aren’t extra dollars laying around to be spent freely on anything you want. Sure, you might splurge on an occasional coffee or two, but for the most part the money you earn goes right to keeping you living each month. I have discovered a small but significant way to help curb my expenses and allow for a small amount of ‘fun money’ each month. Compare prices. It sounds simple and obvious, but my spending habits changed drastically once I began to always compare prices.

One of the biggest areas that I benefited from learning to compare prices is in grocery shopping each week. Rather than just running off to whatever store is closest or more convenient to me, I began to really search the ads and flyers to determine which stores would give me the best deals on the items I needed. I began each week by making a list of all of the grocery items I needed and then I only allowed myself to compare prices for those things. I didn’t let myself just go to the store and fill my cart with whatever caught my eye. No, I had a list and I took time to carefully compare prices. It was amazing the money I saved by purchasing items at stores with the lowest prices.

Learning to compare prices benefited me in other ways than just my grocery bill. Take going to the movie theature for an example. I took time to compare prices of the different show times and I began to see movies only in the afternoon when the prices were more reasonable. While this only saves me a few dollars each time I visit the theature, it adds up when you compare prices for all the movies you see in a full year.

I’ll admit it, I love coffee. One month I decided to compare prices of buying a coffee at a local coffee shop with making my own cup of coffee at home. Not surprisingly, I can save a lot of money by just making my own coffee. I found that I can even let myself purchase some of the best beans that are sold and I still come up with money to spare when I compare prices with local coffee shops.

It is small changes like going to an afternoon movie or brewing my own cup of coffee that have really changed my budget. I had no idea the amount of money that could be saved simply by learning to always compare prices.

Banking online can be a fantastic way to save you time and even money. Most large banks now offer online banking or online account access, and for the most daring: some banks are only available online. With the latest in web safety, these sites are heavily encrypted and designed to be hack-proof. The largest cause of accounts being hacked into actually falls upon the account holders. There are several simple steps that can be taken to avoid your account, money, and personal information being put at risk. Some may seem simple, but it is better to be safe!

1) Never give out your username or password. Your bank will not ask you for your password or even username. They already have it. They will not lose it, and only a very select group of employees can even access it. If you think you need to address this issue, call them at the number your normally call, do not take the phone number off an email or a website, look in the phone book or just stop in at your local branch.

2) If you access your accounts from more than one computer, be sure that computers used by others have up-to-date antivirus software. You should also make sure that the machine is running an up to date browser that can support the standard 128-bit encryption used by most secure websites. When you are done, always be sure to log off and even clear the Auto complete bar also, it can make it too easy for someone to log in and guess your password.

3) A good password in very important, also, using more than one password can be just as valuable. If a hacker, worm, or virus is to get into your computer and find a password, they will try that same password in all of your cached login areas. It also helps drastically to use letters and numbers. Birthdays, pet names, and nicknames also tend to be easiest to guess.

4) Never trust any email sent to you that links directly to your login page. This is the number one trick for hackers to “cloak” or “phish” you out of your own private information. Even though the site looks like the site you are familiar with, it may not be. These thieves have become experts at copying the look of real sites with their own copies designed to extrapolate victim’s bank numbers and more!

By following these steps, you can be confident that your identity and information is still yours and still protected. There are thousands of people and programs trying to steal your information, but you have plenty of tools, people and strategies on your side also! Go ahead save yourself some time and gas money!

Hi, this is Shawn. We told you we would give you ideas on how to save money. The first thing: eggs of course. Who doesn’t love to make eggs in the morning with some good old coffee? They’re just so expensive at the grocery store though. 3.99 for a dozen in one box? No thanks. We want to talk to you guys about saving money on eggs. There is a much easier way to get eggs without going to the grocery store and buying some only to come home and find them rotting away.

We’re talking about chickens of course. Get yourself a chicken coop. Go online and pull up some chicken coop ideas and build yourself one. Here’s our favorite site for that: http://farmanimalguide.com/4-chicken-coop-ideas-work/

First you’ll need a chicken, preferably females as they are the ones who hatch eggs. What came first the chicken or the egg? We’re not entirely sure but getting a female chicken will help save money on eggs and they’re more fresh.

Bruce decided it would be easier to get one female and one male chicken and built his own chicken coop. Buying an already built Chicken Coop was way too expensive and not in Bruce’s budget. So he found some Chicken Coop ideas and built one of his own.

Soon I followed suit and now the both of us save hundreds on not buying eggs. I of course have more chickens. Remember, the more chickens you have, the more eggs you will get. These eggs are great in the morning with a side of bacon. Who seriously doesn’t love bacon?

These chickens are well taken care of and become a part of your family. They are great for the kids and they produce free eggs. Who doesn’t love free eggs?

They are not just for making scrambled eggs. When the holidays come around chickens can produce eggs for family tradition boiled eggs. We both love when our wives make boiled eggs for the family holidays. It makes up for having to force us to see the family members we’d rather not be around.

For a long time Man has used chickens to produce eggs. Why not get a chicken yourself to hatch some eggs? The chickens we own live happily in their chicken coops and don’t mind producing free eggs for us. The kids love eggs that freshly come from Chickens. They are not sent to a factory to get rid of all that makes a fresh egg taste so good. They last longer than the ones you buy at the grocery store as well.

We discovered this a long time ago and it helped us both save some money for more luxurious things. Chickens help save money and resources and you save them from being slaughtered. If your wife is a crazy animal activist and is a vegetarian (like ours) this is a great idea for that. We love that our wives who don’t eat meat support raising a chicken coop.

So look up some ideas on building chicken coops and get yourself some chickens like we did and you’ll be saving money on eggs. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to save money.