Hi, this is Shawn. We told you we would give you ideas on how to save money. The first thing: eggs of course. Who doesn’t love to make eggs in the morning with some good old coffee? They’re just so expensive at the grocery store though. 3.99 for a dozen in one box? No thanks. We want to talk to you guys about saving money on eggs. There is a much easier way to get eggs without going to the grocery store and buying some only to come home and find them rotting away.

We’re talking about chickens of course. Get yourself a chicken coop. Go online and pull up some chicken coop ideas and build yourself one. Here’s our favorite site for that: http://farmanimalguide.com/4-chicken-coop-ideas-work/

First you’ll need a chicken, preferably females as they are the ones who hatch eggs. What came first the chicken or the egg? We’re not entirely sure but getting a female chicken will help save money on eggs and they’re more fresh.

Bruce decided it would be easier to get one female and one male chicken and built his own chicken coop. Buying an already built Chicken Coop was way too expensive and not in Bruce’s budget. So he found some Chicken Coop ideas and built one of his own.

Soon I followed suit and now the both of us save hundreds on not buying eggs. I of course have more chickens. Remember, the more chickens you have, the more eggs you will get. These eggs are great in the morning with a side of bacon. Who seriously doesn’t love bacon?

These chickens are well taken care of and become a part of your family. They are great for the kids and they produce free eggs. Who doesn’t love free eggs?

They are not just for making scrambled eggs. When the holidays come around chickens can produce eggs for family tradition boiled eggs. We both love when our wives make boiled eggs for the family holidays. It makes up for having to force us to see the family members we’d rather not be around.

For a long time Man has used chickens to produce eggs. Why not get a chicken yourself to hatch some eggs? The chickens we own live happily in their chicken coops and don’t mind producing free eggs for us. The kids love eggs that freshly come from Chickens. They are not sent to a factory to get rid of all that makes a fresh egg taste so good. They last longer than the ones you buy at the grocery store as well.

We discovered this a long time ago and it helped us both save some money for more luxurious things. Chickens help save money and resources and you save them from being slaughtered. If your wife is a crazy animal activist and is a vegetarian (like ours) this is a great idea for that. We love that our wives who don’t eat meat support raising a chicken coop.

So look up some ideas on building chicken coops and get yourself some chickens like we did and you’ll be saving money on eggs. Stay tuned for more ideas on how to save money.