I’m Bruce, and I love to save money any way I can. Shawn’s the same way. That doesn’t mean we’re cheap. We just like finding great deals. We’re kind of like hunters, always on the prowl for tricks or secrets to getting a discount. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve gotten pretty darn good at it. In fact, you could say we’re experts at not wasting our hard-earned dollars.

For those of you who don’t know, Shawn and I grew up in the same town. Shawn’s family lived on the upper-class side of town. White picket fence, pool in the backyard, the whole nine yards. But they were very frugal, which is how they became so successful in the first place. Shawn learned a lot from his upbringing, and was raised to be very smart with his income from a very young age.

Myself, on the other hand, well… let’s just say that my family wasn’t living too high on the hog. Okay, we were poor. My mother, bless her heart, really knew how to stretch a dollar. She had to, just to survive. Those survival instincts were deeply instilled within me, and I’ve always firmly believed in making every cent count.

We’re here to pass that knowledge and experience on to you.

One of the main things you’ll find us writing about here are coupons. Shawn and I are always scouring the web for discount codes and promo codes for all kinds of things. Huggies diapers, sporting goods, even Uhaul trucks. Here’s a resource we found for Uhaul coupons just last week: http://uhaulcouponsnow.com

We know lots of other tricks too. Like how to haggle with certain types of merchants. Car salesmen are the classic dealers that can be talked down in price, but there’s some sellers that fit this category that you wouldn’t expect. I’m not going to spill all of our secrets just now, but we’ll share plenty of them in due time.

Not only that, but we use solid wealth-management strategies to take that money that we saved, and make it work for us. We’re big fans of Dave Ramsey, who preaches a philosophy of living debt-free and paying off your mortgage ASAP. That’s a view point Shawn and I can definitely get on board with. It’s nothing super technical. The basic idea is to not waste your money on frivolous things, stop using credit cards (or use them sparingly), attack your debts aggressively, and get a head start on saving for retirement. It’s a sound, forward-thinking strategy. Far too many people these days rack up debt on their Visas, save virtually nothing, and rely on social security when they retire. No thanks!

Look, don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not crazy penny pinchers. Not like those extreme couponers you see on TV, or those weirdos trying to barter opera songs for haircuts. There is such a thing as cost-utility, and wasting a lot of time to save a few bucks is not an efficient way of going about your business. Our goals are reasonable ones, to avoid overpaying for things when we don’t have to, while exerting as little time and effort as possible.

Keep your eyes peeled on Bruce and Shawn, as we’re always finding new ways to save. Any time we find a new clearance sale or discount code to share, we’ll keep you posted on this website.